What is Neuro-Linguistic Programming? 


Most of your beliefs are formed between the ages of 3 and 7 years old. From the unique set of circumstances for which you were born, you begin to create a map of your world that helps you to safely navigate the terrain of life. If it were not for this map, you would stumble through life having to re-learn everything you have ever known on a daily basis, including eating your breakfast, driving your car, and avoiding that snake sunbathing on your driveway. This same map that allows you to accomplish your daily tasks, develop relationships, and ensure your survival on this planet, can also over time begin to lead you astray. Just as maps must be updated to account for new highways, changes in landscape, and technological advancements that let you know just how long each route will take you to get to Denver in traffic, you must also update your mind map to account for new resources that will help you to reach your destinations in more joyful and efficient ways. 

The Map is Not the Territory
— Alfred Korzybski


Neuro-Linguistic Programming uses a set of tools that facilitate belief and identity level changes that will support you in acquiring new resources and remove barriers to having what you want in life. Whether you want to feel more confident when interacting with your boss, overcome fears of public speaking, or reach new financial goals, NLP will uncover the specific beliefs that created these limitations and help you to revise your map so that you can easily achieve what you want. 

Have you ever wondered what makes it so easy for someone to assert themselves in front of authorities? How about that comedian who tells jokes in front of a large crowd, seemingly not caring about how the audience might respond to him? What about that neighbor of yours who never seems to worry about money as he drives down the block smiling in his new BMW? You have the same set of cognitive structures that allow for you to have these experiences too, yet somewhere along the way your creature brain, or the part of you designed to keep you safe, decided that this was not an option, or pathway, available to you. This incredibly useful and positively intentioned executive calculated the risks, asserted it's loyalties, and devised a strategy for making it through life relatively unscathed. This tiny executive does not care about our dreams, goals, or happiness. It only cares that we are experiencing the best possible feeling state at each moment, no matter what the long-term costs. And trust me, the long-term costs can be devastating to the adult mind who no longer needs to operate with the programming set in place by their 6 year old self. It makes perfect sense that we continue to move toward what we want only for our destination to always remain just out of sight, because finally arriving at that destination would mean compromising our beliefs or identity in some way. So what if you could change your beliefs so that having what you want is a joyous experience, rather than one laden with inner conflict or compromise? This is precisely what NLP allows you to achieve. NLP work does not change what happened in the past, but instead allows you to experience it with a sense of respect, appreciation, and new resources that invite you to explore new territories using a map equipped with all the software updates designed to get you where you are going without all the traffic or road blocks. Enjoy the journey. 

Living your Dreams Starts with Unlocking your Potential
— In-Joy