Boulder Core Competencies Program

NLP Marin Training for Communication and Change

Do you seek out opportunities to challenge yourself and expand your potential? Are you interested in advancing your career in a way that is deeply satisfying and rewarding? Does personal and spiritual growth appeal to the inner seeker in you? Perhaps you are not even sure of what you want or who you want to become, but are interested in getting to know the hidden parts of yourself that hold the keys to unlocking your potential and living your dreams. If any of these questions spark a flame in you or inspire you to take action, the NLP Marin core competencies training will provide you with the tools to enrich your life in a way you never dreamed possible. 

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 Modified Perceptual Positions Strategy on my living room floor for improving my relationship to money. 

Modified Perceptual Positions Strategy on my living room floor for improving my relationship to money. 

Genesa's Experience:

I became interested in Neuro-Linguistic Programming after reading a book on NLP and feeling deeply moved to incorporate this toolbox into my work as a psychotherapist. After doing research into numerous NLP programs offered in Colorado, there was something left to be desired. Sure, they all offered highly practical tools lined with a promise of greater success, improved relationships, and the ability to manipulate your world in order to have what you want, but none of them spoke to a deeper purpose or commitment to why we do the work that we do. What does it mean to be human? How can we both appreciate the seemingly unworkable patterns unraveling our life, while at the same time creating space for change? A friend and fellow Naropa graduate of mine helped me find this missing piece when she introduced me to the NLP Marin school in you guessed it, Marin California. Already in debt from student loans and credit card bills, the idea of flying to California to attend yet another personal development training seemed impossible given my current limited thinking mind, yet I knew that this was something that was not only important for the advancement of my career, but necessary in order for me to find peace and clarity in my life. Now almost two years later, I am living in a reality that I can choose to consciously create from a stance of openness, curiosity, and alignment with my true self. During the course of this training, I was promoted twice at work, underwent a huge transformation in the types of relationships I was attracting, and ultimately decided to leave my company to pursue my passion as a coach and mentor. Not to mention, I happened to find my wonderful soulmate at one of these trainings. Two years, 14 round trip tickets to San Francisco, and 3 training modules at the Marin school later, I am pleased to announce that NLP Marin has finally arrived to the Boulder area. This work is more than just a career opportunity to me, but a way of life. There is something so simplistic, yet beautifully complex in our ability to rework our deepest patterns of suffering, transform our limiting beliefs, and create new pathways to living life In-Joy. 


If you or even just your big toe is interested in attending this training and would like to find out more, please do not hesitate to contact me for an introductory session or discussion about how this training will benefit your life.          720-582-3570