Where it all began for me...

Many set out to pursue their dream, then unexpectedly find themselves discouraged, jaded and hating the very thing that once inspired them to start in the first place. With over thirteen years of coaching business owners through to their success, Troy could not ignore that this experience plagued the majority he worked with and how much it infiltrated the professional and personal lives of his clients. As a life-long enthusiast of personal growth, Troy noticed the availability of information and the overshadowing lack of results. This didn’t just add fuel to Troy’s fire… It ignited an explosive passion to pursue his dream to inspire and assist other’s to living-out their dreams.

Troy Conant is a personal development coach and certified Master NLP practitioner who facilitates real inside-out change. Why use the word “facilitate?” Because the truth is, you have all the resources that you need. Troy will help you access them.   


"Troy has an ability to peel back layers of barriers, beliefs and emotions and then gently guide you on your own path of wisdom. My work with Troy has given me insights I would have never discovered on my own. I continue to apply his framework for accessing my inner resources and feel more able to navigate beyond my own trappings."

Amy Tirion

Corporate Mindfulness Consultant


"Troy's ability to guide me through my process of uncovering very deep and old emotions was wonderful. I felt very safe sharing my deepest and darkest stuff with him. His insights and abilities to know just the right question to ask and his listening ability was refreshing. Thank you Troy for liberating me from that baggage of the memories, I no longer wanted to hold me back. If you are considering working with Troy, I'd say go for it, you never know what stuff is holding you back that could be transformed quickly with a session with Troy."

Lindsay WoodClient

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